The Network of Governance & Regulatory Experimentation

What is the future of governance & regulation, in a machine readable, complex tomorrow?

Recognising that our shared futures require multiple, varied imaginations, insights and experiences – the Network of Regulatory Experimentation is a community of practitioners (academics, experimenters, policy-makers, public sector employees) interested in co-creating this future.

The Network is an idea initially seeded by Dark Matter; a distributed design and research studio who create more democratic institutions with the use of technology and collaborative action. They are part of the 00 ecosystem.
            The first gathering was co-initiated with Dot Everyone at Waag Society in Amsterdam.
            The second gathering was co-hosted with
Traditional regulatory bodies and accountability mechanisms may not be well suited to managing the fast paced, emerging tensions between industry and society in a digital age.
            The challenge of propagating innovation, attracting investment, while also protecting public goods, and detecting new public harms, is not yet solved.

Community of Federal Regulators,
Dot Everyone,
MaRS Solutions Lab,
The McConnell Foundation,
Waag Society.

Amsterdam Municipality,
Aspen Institute,
Carnegie Mellon,
Demos Helsinki,
Trustworthy Technologies – University of Cambridge Computer Lab,

We meet to share best practices and support and nurture our various governance experiments. The inaugural meeting was in Amsterdam, with two upcoming in Toronto and Copenhagen.
            Contact Us if you’re interested in joining the Network and attending the next Global Meetup.

Provocation Playbook︎
Meet-up 2: Reflections from a Toronto Horizon April 2–3, 2019

In April 2019, the McConnell Foundation, Dark Matter Labs, MaRS Solutions Lab and the Community of Federal Regulators co-hosted a gathering of the emerging Network of Regulatory Experimentation – “RegX”. Our purpose was to consider and inform the design of regulatory innovation initiatives in Canada and to contribute to the international conversations taking place on this subject.
            As if to put our work in context, on the day of the gathering, Canada’s Changing Climate Report revealed that Canada is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with northern Canada heating up at almost three times the global average. Beyond climate, we face challenges of rising inequality, political polarisation and declining trust in democratic institutions.             The Provocation Playbook︎ is a reflection and summary of the gathering along a list of possible & necessary experiments.